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A person using the fingerprint reader at an access control point.


In today’s ever-changing business world, ensuring your company’s security and protection is paramount. Any unauthorized entries, for example, can disrupt operations, compromise sensitive information, and put your assets at risk. 

To safeguard your business from these threats, investing in a reliable commercial access control solution is essential. If you are in Philadelphia, PA, or anywhere else in the tri-state area, the team of experts at JM Resources is here to help!

In this article, we will explore how smart access control solutions will protect your businesses and how our technology integrators can help!

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Lighting & Shading Transform Living Spaces with a Tap

high-end luxury bathroom with standalone tub, double vanities, and Lutron overhead lighting

With Lutron and JM Resources, You Have the Power of Light on Demand

The concept of a smart home has been around for decades, but all are not created equal. Some homeowners like the idea of adding technology to a space, maybe a smart speaker or smart light bulb, perhaps. But the true meaning of a smart home lies in intelligent system design.

A thoughtful, professionally installed home automation system coordinates the functions of your Philadelphia, PA, technology solutions under the umbrella of a single, sophisticated system. And with the power of Lutron, JM Resources has a powerful ally in smart home transformations. 

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An Integrated Alarm System Offers an All-In-One Solution


Increase Operational Efficiency with a Commercial Security System Featuring Security Alarms, Access Control and Surveillance Cameras 

JM Resources’ beginnings go back two generations, starting in 1981 in Philadelphia, PA, and originally called JM Security Systems. Even back then, the company realized the need for comprehensive solutions, whether in the latest automation or commercial security SYSTEMS. Since that time, we’ve remained on the cutting edge in technology, helping our clients develop solutions that bring safety, security, ease of use, and enjoyment. 

One of the solutions that benefits businesses and commercial properties is a fully integrated alarm system featuring security, access control and surveillance. Let’s explore what these systems offer companies in the Tri-State area.

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Why You Need Home Automation Services for Your New Build

The interior of a new build home in the construction stages.

Partner with JM Resources to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Building a custom home is much better than moving into a cookie-cutter one. Not only is the finished product remarkably better, but a custom home allows for endless personalization and your say in the design - from the architecture to the kitchen cabinets to flooring, paint color, and more. So, you end up with the house you want and love.

When building your new home, you should also include technology that makes your life easier. Companies like JM Resources can come onsite during the build and install smart home technology, from a Wi-Fi network to AV equipment to home theaters. Our home automation services provide you with your dream home and technology that improves your daily life. Keep reading to see why many Philadelphia, PA homeowners partner with JM Resources during their new build. 

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Go Beyond the Basics with a Customized Smart Home Experience

Construction worker building and standing on a wooden frame of a new home

JM Resources Is the Smart Home Integrator That Makes Dreams a Reality

Building a new home can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned home buyer. Selecting key features of a home that you and your family are meant to enjoy for years - even decades - is daunting, but when you partner with a professional smart home integrator like JM Resources, you can set aside many of your worries while we handle the details for your new home. 

Our team expertly adds innovative solutions to properties around the Philadelphia, PA area and beyond. Want to explore how starting from scratch with technology in a new construction home is actually an amazing opportunity? Keep scrolling below!

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Boost Your Home’s Outdoor Entertainment with JM Resources

an outdoor entertainment area with a pool, TV, fireplace, and outdoor lighting

Why You Should Partner With JM Resources When Revamping Your Outdoor Spaces

Luxury homeowners constantly look for new and improved technologies to integrate into their homes. Today, there is an increased demand in particular for home entertainment features, especially outdoor entertainment. JM Resources has been designing tailored technology solutions for homeowners since 1981. And this July, we will celebrate 41 years of excellence and quality.

We started our businesses by focusing mainly on home security solutions but gradually expanded with the increasing demand for advanced home features. We strive to create the best possible place for our customers through our extensive experience and expertise.

Read on to learn how JM Resources can help you integrate the best entertainment solutions in your outdoor space in Philadelphia, PA or the tri-state area.

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JM Resources Is Your Commercial Automation Partner in Philadelphia

Kitchen island with seating and pendant lights. Commercial automation and control let homeowners manage lighting and more.

Why Choosing A Smart Home New Construction Specialist Is In Your Best Interest

Let’s face it, managing your business is a full-time job with overtime hours. It’s essential to find new ways to streamline operations when and where you can, as well as partner with other industry professionals to make your day-to-day work life more manageable. Just like we want our residential clients to enjoy their time at home, we want our commercial partners to feel better and enjoy the time they spend at work.

To do that for your business, JM Resources is here for you. We work with new construction home builders, apartment and condo managers, and business owners to craft turnkey smart home solutions. We handle everything for you from start to finish, so your clients are happier, safer, and able to live the luxury lifestyle of their dreams! Plus, working with us adds efficiency, profits, and a comprehensive eagle-eye approach to any technology projects you have.

Scroll below to learn how our team of smart home experts brings valuable commercial automation and control to businesses in the Philadelphia, PA, area. 

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Why Your Smart Home Needs Lutron Shading Control


Create an Energy-Efficient Space by Adding Lutron Shading Control

Lutron is a leading brand in the industry that offers the best shading solutions for residential spaces. Since they provide innovative and stylish features, they blend seamlessly into the existing décor and design of smart homes.

If you’re looking for the perfect shading system for your Philadelphia, PA living space, Lutron shading control is the solution you’re looking for. Read on to find out all the reasons why Lutron shades are a perfect match for your smart home.

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Why Builders Work with Us for Smart Home New Constructions


Take Your Constructions to the Next Level with the Right Technology Partner

Homebuilders are increasingly looking to attract buyers with technology-forward projects. It’s no longer enough to provide plumbing and electric foundations; they also expect smart technology features. Ready-made smart homes are a great marketing tool for builders who want to stand out from competitors. Through partnerships with integrators, builders can provide smart home new constructions for their clients without becoming experts themselves.  

JM Resources excels at this type of partnership. For example, we just worked with a builder in the Philadelphia, PA area to develop 100 luxury homes, each priced over a million dollars. Here we outline precisely what this project entailed and how the builder benefited from working with our experts for all their technology needs.

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What Makes JM Resources Stand Out Among Other Home Automation Companies


Learn how residents of the tri-state area are making their homes more luxurious with JM Resources.

Fads come and go, but home automation companies are so much more than that. Companies like JM Resources have been changing the lives of homeowners in the Philadelphia, PA area (and the tri-state areas of New Jersey and Delaware) with high-end smart home technology. From increasing security and pre-wiring homes for custom smart features, there are plenty of reasons why home automation companies are here to stay.

Read on to learn more about why it’s worth including a home automation company in your new-build process and planning.

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Discover The Possibilities Of Home Automation At Our Control4 Certified Showroom


Work With A Control4 Dealer To Build The Home Of Your Dreams

Home automation has come a long way, and it has permeated every aspect of your home, from temperature control to lighting systems to full-service security that you can monitor from your phone. The enhanced features add a degree of luxury and convenience, but if you’re not sure about how far you can take home automation, it would be best to visit a showroom to see the extent of what it can do for you. As Control4 dealers, we aim to provide an immersive experience so you can experience the range of applications of the technology at our Control4 Certified Showroom. Take a look at what you can expect from the Control4 design center in Philadelphia, PA.

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Improve Security And Office Communication With A Video Intercom System


Say goodbye to annoying key cards and outside white noise ruining an intercom’s sound quality. 

No matter what sort of business you run, one thing remains true: security is important! After all, you have so many others counting on you. With Philadelphia-area companies returning to shared office spaces and meeting in-person with customers and clients again, having up-to-date security measures is paramount. A video intercom system is a simple and effective way to ensure safety for your employees. 

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A Complete Security System Gives Peace of Mind About Your Whole Home


Manage Access, Deter Break-ins, and Protect Essential Infrastructure

Your home is a sanctuary, where you take solace from the tumult of the outside world. A comprehensive security system offers peace of mind for your entire property.

While most break-ins occur when the home is unoccupied, damage to infrastructure can happen anytime. Police studies note that most home thefts involve items that can be quickly removed and easily sold. Issues like water leaks can destroy your audio-visual systems. 

You need security that is customized to your home’s specific needs. As security dealers, we design a system dedicated to protecting your Wilmington, DE family and property, whether you are home or away. Read more below to learn how a connected system benefits you.


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Whole-Home Audio and Video Installation Brings Exceptional AV Quality to Tri-State Homeowners


Discover the Benefits and Features of a Whole-Home AV System

A customized whole-home audio video installation in your Philadelphia tri-state home, or vacation home at the Jersey Shore, NJ home creates a seamless AV experience for homeowners and their guests. Listen to the same high-quality audio as you navigate through your home from the bedroom to the kitchen and the patio or initiate zones so that each person can take control of their sound. When combined with the power of smart home automation and Control4, the power is in your hands and voice for the ultimate in high-resolution audio and video quality.

Of course, every home and homeowner is unique, with varying layouts and lifestyles. That’s why we take our time to develop a strong understanding of your needs through our discovery meetings before making specific recommendations. Our dedicated process allows us to provide you with the ease and enjoyment of automated technologies to meet your goals and budget.

Let’s take a glimpse at just a few of the benefits whole-home AV brings to the table.

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How JM Resources Helps Builders Integrate Home Automation with Control4


Working With Home Automation Experts Saves Time, Reduces Expenses and Boosts Sales

As a Platinum Control4 dealer in Philadelphia, PA, JM Resources has worked with some of the top custom and production home builders in the area. Recently, we've seen a massive uptick in clients incorporating smart home infrastructure into the build. In addition to security, these developers include Wi-Fi, Control4 home automation, and audio/home theater infrastructure.

In today's technology-focused world, more luxury custom home clients expect this type of detail, and that expectation is driving the market. For example, one of our builder clients built their model home with the total smart home package and included the smart home infrastructure in the remaining homes that were built in the community. Because the model home sold so quickly, they ended up completing the systems in all of the other remaining houses. Today, they have sold 75% of their homes, while a similar priced development of homes across the street remains unsold after a year on the market.

Let’s take a look at why these builders are working with Control4 Dealers like us.

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Partner with JM Resources to Build Smarter Homes from the Ground Up


Bring in New Homeowners with Innovative Solutions & On-going Support

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JM Resources: A CE Pro Top 100 Technology Integrator


Work with a Premier Luxury Integrator in the Tri-State Area

When you’re considering adding smart home devices to your home, there are several aspects to think about regarding your next project. Of course, choosing which types of solutions you want to add – motorized shades, tailored security systems, lighting control, and whole-home automation, to name a few – is at the top of your list. You must also consider the reputation of the technology integrator you decide to partner with.

JM Resources was initially founded in 1981 as Philadelphia’s first new home security provider. Since then, we’ve continually added to our breadth of knowledge and expertise, training technicians in the latest technology trends and installation standards. With nearly 40 years in the industry, we proudly serve Philadelphia and the Tri-State area, keeping clients safe and improving their lives.

Read on below to learn about our recent CE Pro 100 designation and why you want to partner with a professional like us on your next residential integration project!


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Improve Your Operations with a Business Security System


Your Philadelphia-Area Company Has Never Before Been This Safe or Secure  

Keeping a business running is always at the forefront of any manager or owner’s mind. If you run a restaurant or retail establishment, staff scheduling and your products are the top priorities. For office managers, reliable technologies ensure video presentations and conference calls stay connected, emails are sent, and budget spreadsheets are maintained.

An intelligent solution exists that can solve a need for every company manager, no matter the industry, and that’s a business security systemThis solution offers a wide range of technologies that work together for your company. Secure network connections protect valuable staff and customer data; a security system provides peace of mind, and lighting and climate control can reduce your bottom line.  

To learn what else this commercial solution for your Philadelphia, PA company can do, keep reading below! 

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Home Automation is the Answer to Your Busy Life


Automate What You Have to Do So that You Can Do the Things You Want to Do 

Your life is hectic, whether you’ve designed it that way or not. Family and work obligations might take up quite a bit of your time, and it can get harder and harder to find hours just to relax or spend time with yourself. Especially when you consider all the everyday maintenance and tasks you have to do. 

Just starting your day means turning on lights, making beds, breakfast, showering, and a whole host of other things before you can get out the door of your Jersey Shore, NJ homeBut you can design your home lifestyle so that you spend more time living and less time doing the tasks of living with a smart home system. 

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3 Ways a Security System Can Improve Your Life


Keep Your Home Safe & Secure with JM Resources

Whether it’s streamlining your daily activities to save time or instituting new habits to feel better, nearly everyone wants to find ways to make their life easier and more enjoyable. Did you realize that you can utilize the smart technologies inside your Philadelphia-area home to improve your daily life?

The benefits of smart home control are well documented, but did you know home security systems are also beneficial in improving your life? Our solutions bring the latest security and surveillance solutions to homeowners just like you.

Read on below to learn how JM Resources can improve your peace of mind while keeping your family safe and secure in your Pennsylvania home.

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