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Go Beyond the Basics with a Customized Smart Home Experience

Construction worker building and standing on a wooden frame of a new home

JM Resources Is the Smart Home Integrator That Makes Dreams a Reality

Building a new home can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned home buyer. Selecting key features of a home that you and your family are meant to enjoy for years - even decades - is daunting, but when you partner with a professional smart home integrator like JM Resources, you can set aside many of your worries while we handle the details for your new home. 

Our team expertly adds innovative solutions to properties around the Philadelphia, PA area and beyond. Want to explore how starting from scratch with technology in a new construction home is actually an amazing opportunity? Keep scrolling below!

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Start Early

From the time you sign on the dotted line until the date scheduled for making home selections like flooring and cabinets, generally two months have already passed! To keep the momentum and excitement going for your new construction home, this is the perfect time to make your first contact with JM Resources for our smart home integration expertise. 

Because we have long-established relationships with builders and subcontractors in the area, we’re already familiar with many of the floorplan options available to you and can help you get a head start on your technology plan. 

The smart home design process is filled with options! Here are just a few things the JM Resources integration team can help you select before drywall is ever installed:

  • The location of dimmable lighting fixtures 
  • The fabric, color, and style aesthetic of automated shades
  • On-wall keypad finishes and switch types to complement your decor
  • Home theater seating, display, and speakers
  • Which areas of your home you want to have multi-room music
  • The best installation locations and brands for outdoor entertainment

Establish a Foundation

For the ultimate smart home experience, it’s essential to lay a firm foundation from the start of your project. The JM Resources team handles essential needs such as low-voltage wiring, networking, and component locations, all with seamless integration and scalability as primary goals. 

Before drywall is ever installed, all of your current technology infrastructure needs - plus plans for growth as you add more devices in the future - are squared away. Homeowners are able to not only build a home but build the smart home of their dreams with a seasoned smart home integrator like JM Resources by their side.

The Smart Home Experience

Imagine walking into your home, and it automatically responds to meet your comfort and entertainment needs. As you head home from work, the smart thermostat begins cooling the house to your desired temperature. Pulling into your driveway, you notice the landscape lighting is adding dramatic curb appeal to the property; these lights turned on automatically at dusk without a second thought.

As you walk inside, lights illuminate the pathway from the garage door to the kitchen, so you can set down your work bag and begin preparing dinner. Tap a button on an elegant on-wall keypad to start streaming your favorite music station over your in-ceiling speakers. After dinner with the family, you head upstairs and prepare for bed. 

As you get cozy in bed, you suddenly realize you forgot to arm the alarm system. No worries - simply pull out your smartphone to do that! Select the Goodnight smart scene, and your bedroom lights and living spaces lights turn off, the alarm system is armed, and any opened shades automatically lower to add privacy to your home. Building a smart home automation and control system that will add convenience, comfort, and style to your new home is our goal at JM Resources.

Your Trusted Smart Home Integrator

If you’re ready to explore what’s possible for your new construction home, now is the time! You can schedule a visit to our Control4 Certified showroom to see everything in action for yourself. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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