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Home Automation is the Answer to Your Busy Life


Automate What You Have to Do So that You Can Do the Things You Want to Do 

Your life is hectic, whether you’ve designed it that way or not. Family and work obligations might take up quite a bit of your time, and it can get harder and harder to find hours just to relax or spend time with yourself. Especially when you consider all the everyday maintenance and tasks you have to do. 

Just starting your day means turning on lights, making beds, breakfast, showering, and a whole host of other things before you can get out the door of your Jersey Shore, NJ homeBut you can design your home lifestyle so that you spend more time living and less time doing the tasks of living with a smart home system. 

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What Makes Smart Security Cameras So Incredibly Popular?


In case you have not noticed, home automation has gone from an interesting idea to a necessity in a very short time, and people are talking about it. In fact, suddenly it is all the rage among millennial men who are posting about it on Facebook 8 times more than just a year ago. Experts believe that by the year 2022, the average American will have over 500 smart devices in their home. And it is not just about convenience. 

So, why are smart security cameras so incredibly popular? Here are just a few of the practical applications that make them a home automation chart topper.

You Can Have Your Eye on What Matters

When we are away, we all think about our family, our pets, and valuables—a lot. Productivity experts agree that having a way to quickly affirm the safety of your family and home increases work productivity by allowing you to focus. Smart cameras remove the worry because you never have to wonder what is going on at home. Not only can you check in and see them in real time, smart cameras provide instant alerts with smart clip capture.

Customized Alerts Notify You of Activity Indicators

Smart cameras are connected to your security system and together provide greater insight into activity. You can customize what information generates a trigger and notification so that you know, for example, if a door opens, a package arrives, or someone parks in the driveway.

Push Notification Alerts Increase Safety

Push notification is one of the least understood and least known advantages of smart security cameras. Push notifications are like text messages and pop up on your phone to warn you of suspicious activity before an event occurs. This allows you to respond quickly by turning on sirens, calling police, and getting to safety. One of the most important things about push notifications is that, though used through a phone app, the app does not have to be open for you to receive notifications.

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Seriously, What’s the Big Deal with Home Automation?


If you are someone that sort of doubts home automation could add much to their life, we understand. We’ve all seen fads come in with such high zest only to fall flat soon after. But that is not smart home technology. Home automation has proven to be an indispensable tool for better resource conservation, increased savings, and enhanced security and productivity.

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Smart Home Essentials: Top Benefits of Smart Doorbells


It is hard to miss that pretty much everything in our lives is smartening up. We have smart thermostats, smart locks, smart security, and now doorbells are getting an IQ boost. If you haven’t already, it is time to put them to the test. We think you’ll be very impressed after reading some of the top benefits smart doorbells.

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Smart Thermostat Secrets for the Smart Home Initiated


If you have already implemented smart home technologies, you probably based your decision on one of the top two reasons people opt in to smart home technologies: Improved security or increased energy savings. At the core of those energy savings is the smart thermostat, which alone can be responsible for significant annual savings and more when coupled with other smart home technologies, such as smart lighting and enabled appliances.

If you are new to smart technologies, you likely have questions about the smart thermostat and how the technology can help you reduce energy consumption and increase your savings related to cooling and heating. Here is a brief explanation to get you started on your smart home journey.

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What Are Home Buyers Seeking? Home Automation


Before making a decision to put in an offer a home, shoppers consider hundreds of factors. Some of those factors homeowners can’t change– such as location, size of lot, and school districts. Other features, such as countertop materials and open floorplans can be modified to fit the market. But there is still something buyers want that seems a bit intrinsic– a personalized and home that separates them from the rest of the world. So what are home buyers really seeking? Home Automation.

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Better Parenting with Home Security: FOMO


If you are a parent, you know FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out is a real problem for every parent because if it were possible, we’d love to soak up every waking moment with our children. Well, almost every waking moment. As much time as we spend with our children, it is still so difficult to know that we miss some of those small moments that make up daily life.
We have streamlined and simplified everything else in life, surely there must be a better way to manage or eliminate FOMO we think to ourselves. And we are right. There really is a tool to help you stay connected and banish FOMO once for all—your home security system.

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4 Home Security and Mobile Control Benefits Entrepreneurs


For many entrepreneurs, the Internet of Things (IoT), or when individual devices are assigned an IP address so it can be accessed remotely, is something that remains largely, and surprisingly, in the workplace. Even for the driven, and super focused the IoT has a lot to offer through home security and mobile control.

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How Home Automation Revolutionizes Ambient Assisted Living


If you have an aging loved one, you probably have thought a lot about all of the options that can help them stay in their home longer and more safely, such as home health aides or having a family member move in to help manage daily tasks. In some cases, though, these options are just not available or affordable. With options limited, some who might otherwise be able to live at home longer go to assisted living much earlier than anticipated. Others, without help or resources might stay home alone doing tasks that are increasingly difficult as well as increasingly dangerous for them to accomplish.

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Home Automation Makes the Whole Home the Ultimate Man Cave


What guy doesn’t love the idea of a man cave? It is a space totally dedicated to meeting needs and providing creature comforts. A man cave is an escape from the craziness of the world and a place to let the stress of the day fall away. And that is exactly why guys should opt in to home automation—it has the power to make the whole home, rather than just a corner of the garage, a high-tech haven of awesomeness.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the many ways home automation can transform your home and make it the ultimate man cave.

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5 Common Sense Reasons We Need Home Automation


Many people investigating home automation are at the point of decision. They have not yet opted in, but have a feeling there is something to this whole IoT. Actually, they know, like we do, that it is pretty hard to ignore that smart technology has become an integral part of our lives.The industry is exploding with options and excitement. In the last year alone, around 30 million households adopted some element of smart home technology. But what is it and why do we need home automation?

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Back To School Security Necessities =to Keep Your Family Safe This Fall


Do you want to know the best back to school purchase you can make this year? It provides much more value and return on investment then a new laptop or jeans for the kids. The answer is smart home security. It saves you hours of wasted time and streamlines household activities.

Unique User Codes Help You Get Rid of Spare Keys

A smart home security system that includes smart locks and a video doorbell helps you manage how the family comes and goes. Each person gets a unique user code to enter and exit the house so you can stop worrying about lost keys and people locked out.

So, what if someone forgets their access code? Just tell them to ring the video doorbell and you can unlock the door remotely. You never have to worry about the wrong person finding a spare key and accessing your house.

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Honeywell Updated the Total Connect iOS App, and it’s Amazing!


Most of the time, an app is just an app and a change hardly moves us. But there are times when an app truly does simplify and improve your life, and that is worth talking about. That’s why we are so excited about the new Total Connect app—it truly gives the user much more control of Total Connect, which of course gives the user more control of their home and life.

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Protecting from the Elements with Smart Home Security


Hard rain, lightning, snow storms, low temperatures, power outages…everything we dread about winter is upon us. You may be accustomed to these weather conditions – but unfortunately, being used to something doesn’t make it any less perilous. Extreme weather can do extreme harm, and homeowners need to do what they can to keep their families safe from the risks.

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