5 Common Sense Reasons We Need Home Automation


Many people investigating home automation are at the point of decision. They have not yet opted in, but have a feeling there is something to this whole IoT. Actually, they know, like we do, that it is pretty hard to ignore that smart technology has become an integral part of our lives.The industry is exploding with options and excitement. In the last year alone, around 30 million households adopted some element of smart home technology. But what is it and why do we need home automation?

It is Complex and Simple

Home automation is the automation of common household activities and processes having a centralized control. The devices and appliances are connected and can relay information which is then collated. Having information about regular usage can help the system to respond to your needs, or point out important abnormalities. It is complex technologies that make life simple.

Smart Reasons to Opt-in to Smart Home Technologies

Home automation has gone from a luxury item, to a trend, and now to must-have technology. A recent study predicts that the average American home will have around 500 smart devices in use by 2022. Another found that 68% of Americans believe smart homes will be as common as smartphones by 2015. There are a lot of reasons we need home automation and here are just a few.

Improved Security

Improved safety is one of the top two reasons people opt into home automation systems. Systems use the collected information of connected devices and motion sensors to know when you leave the house and can close the smart garage door, turn off lights, or lock smart locks.You can also tap in through a smart app and turn off forgotten connected appliances so you can avoid causing a fire.

Increased Safety

Home automation features also form a system that increases safety whether it is lighting your way when you get home at night or getting alerts when something is amiss.

Provide Better Care to Family

With home automation features such as smart cameras, video doorbells, and motion sensors, you can provide even better care to your family. Whether it is using motion sensors to know if a sick or aged loved one is getting around enough or wandering at odd hours, or using the smart cameras to know that the kids made it home or are playing safely outside, smart technologies offer a wealth of support.

Increased Energy Savings

Control your heating and cooling and you control 48% of your energy spending. Home automation technologies such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart appliances connect to a centralized control that can act on its own or be programmed to control energy consumption and increase savings.

Improved Productivity

Being able to automate a series of regular home tasks and create an environment perfect for the task at hand whether it is using lighting to rise early or creating a distraction-free home office by using the video doorbell to answer the door, home automation conveniences mean increased productivity, and saved time. JM Resources helps you manage life on your terms.

About JM Resources

JM Resources, Inc. was founded in 1981 with a goal to establish a service oriented enterprise that makes our clients the center of all business decisions. Our slogan, “Your Resource for the Future” reflects our commitment to bringing new technologies to homes and businesses. JM Resources has been ranked as one of the nation’s top 100 installation companies by Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) Magazine, and ranked in the top 100 companies by Custom Electronic Professional (CEPRO).

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