How Home Automation Revolutionizes Ambient Assisted Living


If you have an aging loved one, you probably have thought a lot about all of the options that can help them stay in their home longer and more safely, such as home health aides or having a family member move in to help manage daily tasks. In some cases, though, these options are just not available or affordable. With options limited, some who might otherwise be able to live at home longer go to assisted living much earlier than anticipated. Others, without help or resources might stay home alone doing tasks that are increasingly difficult as well as increasingly dangerous for them to accomplish.

AALS Lets Loved Ones Provide Additional Care

Home automation technologies are now making it possible for more aging adults to live at home alone longer using Ambient Assisted Living techniques and technologies. If you are not familiar with Ambient Assisted Living Systems or AALS, let us explain. Ambient Assisted Living Systems is a collection of techniques and technologies that extend independent living while enhancing care and quality of life. Traditionally, these techniques were used in hospitals and nursing homes and used to encourage as much self-care as possible. Now, AALS has evolved right along with the evolution of home automation and home security technologies. These technologies are used as an extension of care which provides additional support so individuals can live in their homes longer, and in some cases indefinitely.

7 Ways Smart Home and Security Technologies Revolutionizes Ambient Assisted Living

When used for Ambient Assisted Living applications, home security and home automation technologies provide additional assistance and oversight that allows individuals to live independently longer. Here are some of the ways that smart home technology makes Ambient Assisted Living possible.

  1. Increased safety. As we age many tasks become more difficult, such as answering the door or reaching or remembering to turn off appliances. Home automation streamlines these tasks and makes them able to be done remotely either by the user from the home or loved from afar.
  2. Increases social awareness. Our need for social awareness never decreases. Home automation makes accessing connectivity easy and simplifies the delivery of information so seniors stay informed and maintain a social presence which gives the feeling of purpose.
  3. Encourages autonomy. Maintaining our independence has a positive impact on both physical and mental health.
  4. Encourages safe physical activity. Staying as active as possible helps fight depression, lowers blood pressure, improves muscle strength and maintains bone density among many other benefits.
  5. Removes barriers and hazards involved in some tasks. Things like maneuvering a dark room after turning out the lights can pose an incredible safety risk to those whose mobility is already impaired. Home automation makes all of the connected elements able to be managed from interfaces such as a tablet or smartphone.
  6. Smart home technologies are adaptable to individual needs. Depending on the level of care, support and oversight needed, home automation technologies can adapt to those needs. For example, if someone has sleeping problems, using lighting to help wake them can help maintain a normal sleep schedule.
  7. Provides increased oversight without loss of dignity. For caregivers, home security and home automation technologies can provide greater insight into the wellbeing of their loved one. Sensors can alert unusual or lack of activity which can facilitate help sooner in the event of an emergency. Security cameras allow caregivers to gain additional insights such as level and types of activity, identify hazards, and much more.

Smart home technologies allow seniors to live in their home longer, providing support without robbing independence or dignity. If you need more information about smart home technologies, call JM resources today.

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