A Complete Security System Gives Peace of Mind About Your Whole Home


Manage Access, Deter Break-ins, and Protect Essential Infrastructure

Your home is a sanctuary, where you take solace from the tumult of the outside world. A comprehensive security system offers peace of mind for your entire property.

While most break-ins occur when the home is unoccupied, damage to infrastructure can happen anytime. Police studies note that most home thefts involve items that can be quickly removed and easily sold. Issues like water leaks can destroy your audio-visual systems. 

You need security that is customized to your home’s specific needs. As Alarm.com security dealers, we design a system dedicated to protecting your Wilmington, DE family and property, whether you are home or away. Read more below to learn how a connected system benefits you.


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Trusted Security with Alarm.com

We work closely with the industry-leading security and automation company Alarm.com. The manufacturer has over twenty years of innovation and reliability in keeping Pennsylvania luxury homes just like yours safe.

An Alarm.com integrated system monitors more than just your entry points and yard. Whether you are lounging by the pool or at your vacation home, receive real-time notifications with a touch of a button or through the mobile app.


Detect, Approve, Identify

Mounted at all entrances, surveillance cameras, including intercom and video doorbells, give you advance notice of people entering your property. Record and track suspicious activity, and should it be needed, easily access the files for insurance or the police.

Remote access offers you the ability to connect from the bedroom to the Bahamas. Review alerts, unlock the garage for delivery people, answer the doorbell, or allow access to tradespeople. Keep an eye on anyone working in your New Jersey home, ensuring that they keep to the rooms and spaces that require service.


Beyond Intrusion Alerts

A house consists of several eco-systems like plumbing, electrical, and climate. These systems are often out of sight, hidden behind maintenance room door walls. However, if one of the networks should fail unnoticed, the results could be devastating.

Our smart security sends alerts to your property manager with remote messaging, or alerts you via the app. Once notified, you can take the appropriate action. For example, schedule someone to fix a leak in the air-conditioning, prevent freezing pipes in a vacation home, or ensure your wine cellar is set to the optimal temperature and humidity.


Get Protection Now

Now is the time to plan for your home’s safety. Are you ready to have complete peace of mind? Our team services the whole tri-state area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Call us at 610-992-9300 or fill out our contact sheet to get the conversation started.

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