Whole-Home Audio and Video Installation Brings Exceptional AV Quality to Tri-State Homeowners


Discover the Benefits and Features of a Whole-Home AV System

A customized whole-home audio video installation in your Philadelphia tri-state home, or vacation home at the Jersey Shore, NJ home creates a seamless AV experience for homeowners and their guests. Listen to the same high-quality audio as you navigate through your home from the bedroom to the kitchen and the patio or initiate zones so that each person can take control of their sound. When combined with the power of smart home automation and Control4, the power is in your hands and voice for the ultimate in high-resolution audio and video quality.

Of course, every home and homeowner is unique, with varying layouts and lifestyles. That’s why we take our time to develop a strong understanding of your needs through our discovery meetings before making specific recommendations. Our dedicated process allows us to provide you with the ease and enjoyment of automated technologies to meet your goals and budget.

Let’s take a glimpse at just a few of the benefits whole-home AV brings to the table.

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Separate Zones

Family members rarely want to tune into the same music stations and platforms. One may be enjoying a podcast, while the other is immersed in their favorite tunes, and another is playing video games in the media room. This audio-video solution enables users to listen to different platforms in different rooms at different volume levels simultaneously, using the same whole-home AV system.

We achieve this by installing multiple receivers and amplifiers, enabling family members to listen to different sources in different rooms without losing the premium AV quality.

Our carefully selected hardware partners deliver stunning audio with fully immersive sound. This high-performance audio solution provides excellent sound in every room through multi-zone amplifiers and can even achieve exceptional sound outdoors with their 70-volt amplifiers.

Sound and Video That Surround You

Another feature homeowners truly enjoy is the ability to move from room to room without losing their connection. For example, when a family member is listening to a podcast or watching a movie in the family room and decides to spend some time in the yard, they can take their AV with them.

Another top feature is the one centralized AV location, which keeps your home wireless and looking its best. Strategically placed in-ceiling and in-wall speakers make it seem like the audio fills the room, surrounding listeners with an immersive experience.

Our architectural speaker solutions produce in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that offer sightless yet astonishing audio performance. Our exceptional brands also deliver durable, weather-proof speakers so that you can extend your AV reach into the great outdoors. Hidden landscape speakers, in-ground subwoofers, amplifiers, and stereo satellites extend quality sound throughout the largest yard and estate.  

Integrating Smart Home Automation

Integrating your whole-home AV system with your Control4 smart home automation system allows you to control both sound and video with one-touch on tablets, smartphones, and keypads, as well as via voice commands and pre-set scenes. Control4 also connects you to streaming music services from companies like Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, to name a few.

As a Platinum Control4 dealer with over 40 years of experience, JM Resources is committed to delivering experientially rich audio and video to homes in the Philadelphia Tri-State area—Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We work with many of the top builders, developers, and homeowners in the area because they know we deliver on our promise and provide 24/7 support. So, let's begin a conversation. Call JM Resources today.

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