Smart Security Knows When There is a Leak


Many people often ignore important details such as the security systems whenever they are purchasing a new home. Important things such as fire escape routes and carbon monoxide detectors are not given much attention in the process. Let’s look at a case scenario involving a happy family who finally got a new home in one of the rich and quiet neighborhoods in King of Prussia, PA.

Mike Stewart and his wife had always dreamt of making a change in their lives. Their dream was to buy a new home of their own to save them from the hassle and hardships tenants go through. At this particular time, they were finally on the verge of actualizing their dream. They found a beautiful house with all the features a person could want for his family. They didn’t waste a chance to make a deal to buy the house.

Setting up the House

The house was still in a mess and they had to make several tweaks here and there to suit their preferences and taste. They spent almost two months making the kitchen, the bathroom and sitting room according to their standards. They updated anything and everything that needed renovation and by the beginning of the third month, everything was ready. Within a few days, they had brought in new furniture, new rugs were bought, new utensils, new beds. They were simply ready to start living in this new environment from a clean slate. Finally, they organised a grand party and invited their relatives to mark this special occasion in the family.

Exhausted Family

The final day was marked with numerous activities that left the family heavily exhausted at the end. From moving the things into the new house to a party that ended in the middle of the night, all they needed was a soft spot to rest. Before retiring to bed, the excited family ensured everything was in place. They made sure the alarms were all set up and the family pictures gracefully decorating the walls. The happy family then quietly retired to bed.

Problems At around 3 a.m,

The Stewarts were woken by a series of beeping alarms coming from their new Honeywell carbon monoxide monitor. This meant that there was danger looming, and they had to act fast. In the first moments, the drowsiness was hard to shake off but fortunately, they managed to restore their full conscience and acted quickly. They rushed to the other room and grabbed the children and quickly vanished out of the house. They then called the relevant authorities who would then help them find the source of the leak.

CO Monitoring Saves The Day

Something bad could have happened if the security system that detects carbon monoxide was ineffective. That is why a smart security system integrated into a smart home technology is necessary. The Honeywell carbon monoxide detector is one of the most effective detectors around that has a battery life of five years. It was the hero for the Stewart’s family. It can be a hero for you. Always ensure your smart security complete with a CO detector from JM Resources is updated and in perfect condition.

About JM Resources

JM Resources, Inc. was founded in 1981. Our slogan, “Your Resource for the Future” reflects our commitment to bringing new technologies to homes and businesses throughout Central PA. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation for your home or business.

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