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Summer Relaxation and Home Security


When we finally get a few moments to relax in the summer, it is easy to let our security relax as well. We tend to spend more time outside, socializing with friends and neighbors, running short errands, having children coming and going, and visitors staying in the home.  We are more likely to stray over to a friend’s house without closing the garage doors or leave windows open to catch a summer breeze. When a stranger is in the neighborhood, we are likely just to assume it is an innocent visitor, not someone with ill intentions. All of these things put our safety in jeopardy.

To keep your summer carefree, remember these summer safety precautions.

Practice Perimeter Safety

Always take precautions to increase safety around the perimeter of your property, especially in summer.  Summer can present special considerations such as gates being opened more frequently, landscaping growing more rapidly, and personal items being left outside.

To avoid problems, keep landscaping neat and trim so that the home looks occupied and so that it does not obscure view.  Use door sensors to ensure the gates get closed, even when you have kids running in and out of the yard. Use caution when leaving anything out in the yard, whether it is yard tools, toys, or things signifying you may be getting ready for an extensive trip. Consider installing smart lighting around the home and property so that you increase visibility for evening outdoor activity and deter criminal activity.  Finally, add visible outdoor video surveillance. Smart cameras provide remote access to the camera feed, so you always know the status of the property.

Keep Garage Security in Mind

A homeowner may not close or lock the garage while doing yardwork, providing full view and easy access while you are using noisy and distracting equipment. Any time you are outside and using the garage, remember how easy it is to get called away and forget to close the door. A better way of staying secure is to retrieve the needed items and then close the door.  Using a smart garage door is a great idea because if left open it can send a text alert, close automatically, or allow you to close the door remotely.

Window and Door Let in More Than a Summer Breeze

The warm weather makes opening the doors and windows to let in some fresh air and beautiful sunshine extremely enticing. Open doors and windows are also enticing to burglars who love the clear view and easy access to your home, family, and valuables. If you must have a window open, restrict it to upper level windows only and use contact sensors to remind you that the window is open. Additionally, use smart locks for your doors so that you receive alerts should it be left open or unlocked.

About JM Resources

Never let the fun of summer lull you into a feeling of false security. Criminals do not take a vacation, and you should not take a vacation from your diligence. For over 30 years, JM Resources has been first choice for top0 of the line home security and home automation technologies, and professional 24/7 monitoring, all year long.

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