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JM Resources Is Your Commercial Automation Partner in Philadelphia

Kitchen island with seating and pendant lights. Commercial automation and control let homeowners manage lighting and more.

Why Choosing A Smart Home New Construction Specialist Is In Your Best Interest

Let’s face it, managing your business is a full-time job with overtime hours. It’s essential to find new ways to streamline operations when and where you can, as well as partner with other industry professionals to make your day-to-day work life more manageable. Just like we want our residential clients to enjoy their time at home, we want our commercial partners to feel better and enjoy the time they spend at work.

To do that for your business, JM Resources is here for you. We work with new construction home builders, apartment and condo managers, and business owners to craft turnkey smart home solutions. We handle everything for you from start to finish, so your clients are happier, safer, and able to live the luxury lifestyle of their dreams! Plus, working with us adds efficiency, profits, and a comprehensive eagle-eye approach to any technology projects you have.

Scroll below to learn how our team of smart home experts brings valuable commercial automation and control to businesses in the Philadelphia, PA, area. 

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Commercial Access Control

From 70-unit apartments to 10-unit condo properties, commercial access control is essential for safety and peace of mind. Adding video intercom functionality goes a step further and allows our clients to get notifications on their phones no matter where in the world they are - in their bedrooms or across the globe on vacation. Homeowners want to know who’s trying to enter their home so they can let in the right people - such as dog walkers, property managers, delivery people, or guests - even when they aren’t at home themselves.


Building owners, HOAs, and apartment managers all need to know what’s happening on their properties, and having a surveillance system also helps from a liability standpoint. Of course, JM Resources can integrate robust security and surveillance systems into new and existing access control systems.

We strategize with our clients, assessing their needs and addressing the vital points they want to monitor, plus we’ll suggest areas that may have been overlooked. Vandalism or slip-and-fall incidents are more visible with properly designed camera systems. If an incident arises, clients can look back on recorded footage and even send videos to local law enforcement agencies to assist in investigations. 

Commercial Fire Systems

Many municipalities and states have government-mandated building code requirements for fire systems. Electricians are frequently tasked with wiring these systems, but they generally have no interest in the programming, maintenance, or monitoring of these systems once the wiring is completed. Our team handles every aspect of fire systems! We work alongside commercial electricians to manage the project, inform them of where to run wiring to best fit the technology demands and plans for the property, and handle all monitoring and servicing needs.

Technology Needs for Common Spaces

Besides the special projects we mentioned above, we can also assist with the rest of your smart technology needs. Some clients need keypads or key fob access added to mailroom or fitness studio entries. Others have commercial shops or vendors that they want to provide limited access to - or full access to the shops but no entry to the tenant-only areas.

For rooftop or outdoor lounge spaces, we can design an audio system that’s intuitive and straightforward for staff or residents to use, plus an outdoor Wi-Fi network that keeps it running smoothly. We can also incorporate smart home technologies, such as thermostats, lights, locks, garage door closers, and security systems, into your luxury units. This helps reduce utility bills, and for vacant spaces, property managers can ensure the heat or air isn’t blasting while tenants aren’t occupying the home.

Turnkey Commercial Solutions

JM Resources works with businesses in many industries to manage, strategize, and implement all of their technologies across various platforms. Time and time again, our team brings a unified, intelligently designed approach to commercial automation technologies. We also have extensive experience working with homebuilders to integrate components that create a greater return on investments. 

To start a conversation about the possibilities of commercial automation and smart control for your business, connect with us here. We look forward to working with you. 

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