Back To School Security Necessities =to Keep Your Family Safe This Fall


Do you want to know the best back to school purchase you can make this year? It provides much more value and return on investment then a new laptop or jeans for the kids. The answer is smart home security. It saves you hours of wasted time and streamlines household activities.

Unique User Codes Help You Get Rid of Spare Keys

A smart home security system that includes smart locks and a video doorbell helps you manage how the family comes and goes. Each person gets a unique user code to enter and exit the house so you can stop worrying about lost keys and people locked out.

So, what if someone forgets their access code? Just tell them to ring the video doorbell and you can unlock the door remotely. You never have to worry about the wrong person finding a spare key and accessing your house.

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Top Ways to Improve Personal Safety


Once we leave the safety and security of our home, it becomes important to think about personal safety. Like in home security, your safety does not have to be left to chance. While you cannot eliminate the possibility of crime, the more deterrents you put in place, the less likely you are to become a victim.

Crime is always unexpected so it is important to make personal safety a matter of habit, rather than circumstantial expectation. It can happen any time, and anywhere.

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Home Security Tips for National Safety


While it is usually not on our radar until after an unfortunate event, improving safety in the workplace and the home is one of the most urgent issues facing us today. Accidental injury is one of the main causes of ER visits each year, and one of the leading causes of death.

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Security Camera Location Matters in PA Home Security Systems


Security cameras are a powerful force in preventing crime in PA. Just the presence of them causes most criminals to thinks twice before making your home a target. If a crime does occur, a well-placed camera can be instrumental in identifying the perpetrator. Just having a security camera system is not enough, though. Camera placement is critical and an ill-placed camera can fail to provide the visuals you need.

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Exciting Updates for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0


Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is an award winning platform that allows users to connect, view, and manage their security, surveillance, and home automation from their smartphones, tablets and other internet connected devices, remotely—anytime, and from anywhere they are connected.

The platform quickly revolutionized the industry and was adopted widely in the residential, commercial, business and government sectors because it simplified processes, and improved safety and energy efficiency. Total Connect offered unparalleled access and control by allowing the user to view video surveillance in real time, get immediate alerts; manage automation enabled appliances, electronics, and lock or unlock doors. The platform also supports the tracking of vehicles and assets using GPS technologies, all remotely from supported devices.

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Top Places Thieves Look for Valuables


If you want to stash cash and other valuables in your home, think very hard before you choose the perfect spot. Chances are good that the thieves are way ahead of you.

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Top Halloween Safety Tip Sheet│PA Home Security


Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to the safety of our children. Halloween is one of the few nights when most of the kids in your neighborhood are all out at once. For children, Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year. It is also one of the most dangerous.

If you are going to celebrate Halloween, consider these facts and tips to stay safe.

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Why Choose Wireless Alarm Monitoring?


Without an alarm monitoring service, your residential or commercial alarm system has very little effectiveness. Alarm monitoring is a must, but what kind of monitoring technology should you chose? When you purchase an alarm system and sign up for 24/7 monitoring services, our company often recommends wireless alarm monitoring first – and here’s why.

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Home Security: How To Avoid Being Robbed In 2016


To avoid becoming a victim of home burglary, it’s helpful to understand what happens during a robbery. When a burglar looks at your home, does he see himself sneaking away with mounds of easy loot? Inversely, does it look like too much work, too much time and possibly a quick ride in the back of a black and white car? Read on to consider what puts your home into one of these two categories.

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3 ways a home automation system can save your life


Home automation is exciting and cool. You may have thought that it is little more than a toy, a set of tech tricks designed to save you a small amount of time and amaze your guests. Right? Actually, there’s a lot more to a home automation than that. A connected home or smart home can play a big role in protecting the health and safety of the home’s residents. In this post, we’ll go over three big ways that home automation can save lives or prevent injuries.

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5 Ways Smart Locks Have Revolutionized Access


You might wonder why smart locks are so much more popular than traditional locks. Traditional pin and tumbler mechanism locks have been around for centuries and have been a staple of home security. The purpose is, of course, to restrict access for better security and to ensure one’s privacy. The drawback of these locks is that if you are someone intending to commit a crime, gaining entry isn’t all that difficult. In addition to the problem of forgetting to lock the doors in the first place, burglars have many ways to bypass traditional locks, including the technology to easily replicate keys even without a physical key as a copy and now ways to get in are rampant. That is why smart locks are dominating the home technology market.

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3 Reasons To Upgrade To Total Connect


“Why do I need to check in on my alarm and cameras? I trust them to work.”

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Improve Your Security in 7 Easy Steps


Crime is an unfortunate part of society, and no matter where we live, we are all vulnerable. That does not, however, mean that residents are defenseless in protecting their family, homes, or property. Crime statistics show that small preventative measures can thwart most crimes.

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Savvy Criminals Can Now Use 3D Printers to Make Bump Keys


Bump keys are lock picking tools that, when inserted into a lock and tapped just right can bump the pins like a pool cue and open the lock. In the hands of a skilled user, they are much like a skeleton key making some locks so common that it is almost like not having a lock at all.

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Poison Prevention and Your Security System


March is Poison Prevention Month, and that means it’s time to talk about carbon monoxide, otherwise known as CO – a dangerous poison that is odorless and colorless, keeping families in completely in the dark about its presence until it’s too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning starts as flu-like symptoms, but it can quickly become deadly if those it affects continue breathing in its fumes.

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The Essential Guide To Modern Home Security Systems


You’ve heard it said that too much “screen time” is a bad thing for some people – mostly for kids. But if you’re a responsible adult, you can use your smartphone as a powerful tool to make your life both simpler and safer. We call this system home control, because it can be accessed easily with your smartphone to give you total home control – not just over your security, but other aspects of the household as well. Here are some examples.

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15 Ways PA Residents Can Keep Safe this Summer


Whether you are headed out to Cook Forest for a camping adventure or planning on enjoying some blissful time relaxing at home this season, it is important to keep safety at the top of the priority list this season. The incidence of both of burglaries and outdoor related injuries rise in the summer months with many residents leaving for vacations and spending more time enjoying outdoor activities at home.

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How to Cope After a Burglary


After a burglary, people do what they know to do, like call the police and the insurance company, and clean up the mess. But then what? There is a lot more to a burglary than the practicalities.

Burglaries are a huge violation and effect people in ways that most do not understand, unless it has happened to them personally. Sure, you can clean the mess and replace a TV but there is a lot more to recovery than replacing lost items.

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Protecting from the Elements with Smart Home Security


Hard rain, lightning, snow storms, low temperatures, power outages…everything we dread about winter is upon us. You may be accustomed to these weather conditions – but unfortunately, being used to something doesn’t make it any less perilous. Extreme weather can do extreme harm, and homeowners need to do what they can to keep their families safe from the risks.

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Let Smart Tech Security Watch Your Vacation Home


These days, it seems everyone declares their favorite season to be fall. Maybe it’s the cooler air, brightly colored leaves, or the anticipation of the holidays. One thing we know it isn’t: the reality of leaving your summer retreat for another year. We’re talking about your vacation home, that sanctuary for the summer. If you own it, then you’re tasked with making sure it stays secure in the off-season. After all, there are no doubt criminals who live in the area year-round and prey upon empty vacation properties while the owners are away. How can you protect yours? With smart tech security.

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