Security Camera Location Matters in PA Home Security Systems


Security cameras are a powerful force in preventing crime in PA. Just the presence of them causes most criminals to thinks twice before making your home a target. If a crime does occur, a well-placed camera can be instrumental in identifying the perpetrator. Just having a security camera system is not enough, though. Camera placement is critical and an ill-placed camera can fail to provide the visuals you need.

Camera location might seem like an obvious thing, and that is why many people think DYI surveillance systems are a good option. The installation and placement of a home security camera system is actually a very technical process, however, and requires the experience of a home security alarm professional to ensure their effectiveness in the event of a crime. Here are just a few of the elements technicians consider when placing security cameras.

  • The location must not be easily reached by vandals or those wishing to disarm the camera.
  • It must have access to maintenance.
  • The camera must be placed in a vibration-free or low vibration environment to avoid camera shake.
  • Camera location should provide the widest field of view.
  • Surveillance camera angles need to avoid direct light which cause glare.
  • Camera placement should consider things like capturing the face of the perpetrator.
  • The locations for home security cameras should coincide with known crime statistics.
  • Security camera systems should integrate both overt and covert cameras for greatest effectiveness.

Best Places for Security Camera Placement

Security cameras are meant to provide the exceptional visual access to your property, so the placement of the cameras in the system is an important consideration. While some people think any camera is better than no camera, an ill-placed camera can be like not having one at all. Here are a few of the top choices for security camera placement.

  • The front door may seem like it would be the last choice a criminal would want to choose to break in since it is usually in full view of the street and curious neighbors. Crime statistics reveal data that seems counter-intuitive showing the front door as the most popular place of entry for burglars. That is why the front door is the important to cover from the outside and inside with camera placement.
  • The next important places to cover are first floor windows. While criminals prefer the coverage from the back of the home, they would not pass up an unlocked front window. Security cameras should cover both the front and back of the home.
  • While the backdoor may seem like a more obvious choice for criminals to enter, fewer people cover this critical point with video surveillance system coverage.
  • The garage is a very vulnerable area that in addition to housing tools and other valuables may also provide interior access to the home. Protecting the area with camera coverage is vital.

While some people think security cameras are an “extra” to a home alarm system, they are actually a complementary aspect that enhances the entire system with numerous benefits, including faster response times for verified alarms. If you have questions about the advantages of an integrated video surveillance system, give us a call today.

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