Don’t Get Robbed During Home Improvements


Home improvements are exciting, —especially for criminals. Renovations and home improvements are like a beacon for burglars who are watching for material deliveries and increased activity around a location. Criminals know that most home improvement projects involve material and tools which can be easily sold and are also aware that home owners will be especially preoccupied during the renovation project, making your home a prime mark.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Monitored Home Security Cameras


In a time when you can buy home security cameras off the shelf of your local big box store, why would you want to go the route of a professional home security provider? In a word, connections. A professional home security integrator has the ability to connect their home security cameras to your new or existing security system and all of its components. Those components can include your intrusion detection (i.e. motion-triggered alarm), smart locks on the doors, video doorbell and more.

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Curbing Package Theft with Monitored Home Video


Is there any worse inconvenience than being victimized by a package thief – and on your own property? After all, not many people can afford to replace the gifts or other purchases that were stolen. Luckily, there are ways that your security system can help put a stop to package theft – specifically, if your system includes smart home upgrades. Here’s how it accomplishes that.

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Why You Need A Home Security System in 2019


If a new home security system is on the agenda for 2019, that’s commendable. You have figured out that there’s nothing more important than the security of your home and family. Now, here are some of the qualities you should want in a home security system.

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Why Glass Break Detection?


If your home security system lacks glass break detection, then it might be time to add this technology to your system. Your system already contains motion detection, of course, and that may be enough to stop an intruder from following through with his plans. But here’s another consideration: If the intruder thinks that breaking the glass on your door or window is his best way to get into the house, then the break detection may be the only thing that sends him running when the glass shatters.

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How Pets and Smart Home Security Coexist


Smart home security should stand guard over everyone in the family, and that includes your beloved pets. If you have heard that pets can’t coexist with your home security system, don’t believe the hype. Here are some ways they can work hand-in-hand – and, even some ways your pets can benefit from the partnership.  

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The Merits of Wireless Keypads for Home Security


Do wireless keypads really pose an advantage for security systems? And if yes, then why? For those who are still attached to a traditional home security system, it’s a question that needs an answer. Here are three good reasons to make the switch to wireless.

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Alarm Monitoring in KOP: Security That Can Save Your Life


Property Crime and Burglary

In 2017, 108.4 people per 1,000 households were victims of property crimes. Most people assume that burglaries and property crimes only occur when no one is home, but this isn’t true. Home break-ins are common, and the Department of Justice reports that someone was home for 28 percent of burglaries and 7 percent of these people were also victims of a violent crime during the incident.

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