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Don’t Get Robbed During Home Improvements


Home improvements are exciting, —especially for criminals. Renovations and home improvements are like a beacon for burglars who are watching for material deliveries and increased activity around a location. Criminals know that most home improvement projects involve material and tools which can be easily sold and are also aware that home owners will be especially preoccupied during the renovation project, making your home a prime mark.

Avoid becoming a victim and know your security risks during home improvement projects. Before you tackle that next project, check out these helpful tips:

Hire Trusted Contractors

Even for a small project, letting strangers have access to your home is a big deal, so do your research before you hire anyone. Check the Better Business Bureau and get referrals for and check online to see if there are any concerns. Find out whether they sub-contract some or all of the work to others. If they do, you may have little idea or control over who enters your home.

Know How Many Workers Are On the Project

Under any other circumstance would you give a stranger fee range of your property? Nor should you allow free access during a home improvement project. Keep track of how many people come in to your home and where they are at all times. Get to know each one, and their names. When possible have them use one entrance so it is easier to see who enters and leaves and when. Remember, it is always better to error on the side of caution, even if it seems extreme.

Never Leave Openings to the Home Structure

Bigger projects may mean opening a wall or removing a door or window. Never leave any open access to your home unattended. Try to finish all projects before leaving or before evening. When that is not possible, secure openings with plywood to prevent criminals from entering the property.

Make it Difficult for the Burglars

Above all else, criminals want to avoid getting caught. Deter them by making the likelihood of getting caught greater than the reward of gaining access to your property. Use fences, locked gates, motion activated lights, alarms, and video surveillance systems to make gaining access less attractive.

Keep Your Materials Out of Sight, in a Secure Location, and Protected with Security Systems

Keep all of your materials in a secure location such as a locked garage. For added protection, use security systems such as alarms and home camera systems to keep materials secure.

Call Your Alarm Company Before and After a Project

Adding or changing your space can cause gaps in your security. Home security specialists configure security systems to meet the needs of the space at the time of installation. Any changes might mean the system is not optimally situated to the new space. Before you begin the project, ask the home security alarm system provider if there is anything you can do to improve security during renovation and what changes should be made after.

Before you begin your next renovation or improvement project, give JM Resources a call. We’re here to help.

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