Boost Your Home’s Outdoor Entertainment with JM Resources

an outdoor entertainment area with a pool, TV, fireplace, and outdoor lighting

Why You Should Partner With JM Resources When Revamping Your Outdoor Spaces

Luxury homeowners constantly look for new and improved technologies to integrate into their homes. Today, there is an increased demand in particular for home entertainment features, especially outdoor entertainment. JM Resources has been designing tailored technology solutions for homeowners since 1981. And this July, we will celebrate 41 years of excellence and quality.

We started our businesses by focusing mainly on home security solutions but gradually expanded with the increasing demand for advanced home features. We strive to create the best possible place for our customers through our extensive experience and expertise.

Read on to learn how JM Resources can help you integrate the best entertainment solutions in your outdoor space in Philadelphia, PA or the tri-state area.

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JM Resources Is Your Commercial Automation Partner in Philadelphia

Kitchen island with seating and pendant lights. Commercial automation and control let homeowners manage lighting and more.

Why Choosing A Smart Home New Construction Specialist Is In Your Best Interest

Let’s face it, managing your business is a full-time job with overtime hours. It’s essential to find new ways to streamline operations when and where you can, as well as partner with other industry professionals to make your day-to-day work life more manageable. Just like we want our residential clients to enjoy their time at home, we want our commercial partners to feel better and enjoy the time they spend at work.

To do that for your business, JM Resources is here for you. We work with new construction home builders, apartment and condo managers, and business owners to craft turnkey smart home solutions. We handle everything for you from start to finish, so your clients are happier, safer, and able to live the luxury lifestyle of their dreams! Plus, working with us adds efficiency, profits, and a comprehensive eagle-eye approach to any technology projects you have.

Scroll below to learn how our team of smart home experts brings valuable commercial automation and control to businesses in the Philadelphia, PA, area. 

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Why Your Smart Home Needs Lutron Shading Control


Create an Energy-Efficient Space by Adding Lutron Shading Control

Lutron is a leading brand in the industry that offers the best shading solutions for residential spaces. Since they provide innovative and stylish features, they blend seamlessly into the existing décor and design of smart homes.

If you’re looking for the perfect shading system for your Philadelphia, PA living space, Lutron shading control is the solution you’re looking for. Read on to find out all the reasons why Lutron shades are a perfect match for your smart home.

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Why Builders Work with Us for Smart Home New Constructions


Take Your Constructions to the Next Level with the Right Technology Partner

Homebuilders are increasingly looking to attract buyers with technology-forward projects. It’s no longer enough to provide plumbing and electric foundations; they also expect smart technology features. Ready-made smart homes are a great marketing tool for builders who want to stand out from competitors. Through partnerships with integrators, builders can provide smart home new constructions for their clients without becoming experts themselves.  

JM Resources excels at this type of partnership. For example, we just worked with a builder in the Philadelphia, PA area to develop 100 luxury homes, each priced over a million dollars. Here we outline precisely what this project entailed and how the builder benefited from working with our experts for all their technology needs.

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