Summer Safety for Children


JM Resources places a high priority on the security PA parents want for their children. We offer affordable ways to keep watch over the younger crowd so parents can breathe easier. Here are a few summer safety tips for parents and their children:

1. Play it safe at the park.

Summer security in KOP starts at the playground. If a parent cannot accompany his child, he should make sure he visits the playground with a responsible adult.

It is a good idea to role play with a child ahead of time to teach him what to do if a stranger approaches. Another good tip is to show him how to find a trustworthy adult if he needs help or is lost. Other than a policeman or park employee, a child can ask a parent with small children for help. They are most likely to be adults a child can trust.

2. Keep safe in the water.

The hot weather for which summer is famous makes the pool a popular place for children. A parent must never assume his child is safe just because he can swim. He or another responsible adult should be within arm’s reach at all times according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Some people expect a drowning child to thrash wildly and call for help. The exact opposite is usually true. A child who is drowning will often be very still and not draw attention. For this reason, adults supervising swimming children need to focus on them completely.

As all parents know, the beach is the best place to be during the summer. Kids who want to swim in the ocean need to know how to swim with waves, and be educated about rip tides.

3. Not all heat damage comes from the sun.

Burgers and steaks are summer fare for many, and the outdoor grill receives a lot of use during the warmer months. Parents need to teach their children to stay away from the grill even after it has been turned off. It stays hot for a while after use.

For other fire safety issues, JM Resources offers reliable security KOP parents can count on. Our state-of-the-art fire alarms alert residents and the proper authorities immediately if they detect smoke.

4. Never leave children unsupervised.

This is one of the most important summer safety tips. Many burglaries occur during the day when people are at work. This creates danger for a child at home.

Children often have to stay home alone during the school year in the afternoons. During the summer, they are home even more. JM Resources offers a wireless surveillance system which allows parents to view their children at home and operate the security system from a remote location. It will alert them to any suspicious activity as well, so they can keep an eye on their children even if they need to be at work.

Following these summer safety tips will make safer neighborhoods and put parents at ease. The employees at JM Resources make it their mission to ensure safety for children and adults alike.

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