Are DIY Alarm Systems as Good as Professional Systems?


There are DIY equivalents to almost everything today, and in most cases DIY is a great alternative. When we are talking about home security systems however, the stakes are high. Home security is a very serious matter and a lot rests on the functionality of the home security system. While many tout the ease of use and installation of DIY systems, most people do not realize that these systems lack the very things that make them most valuable to your safety.

Here are some important things to consider about DIYalarm systems:

Proper Installation Matters
It may seem like a simple project, but there are many considerations in home security system installations. Expert installation of the components is crucial so that you do not leave gaps in your security. Improper installation can lead to system failure which can place your family or property at risk.

Optimal Placement
Window sensors go on windows and door sensors go on doors, right? Well, home security systems are actually highly technical systems that require professional knowledge to gain the most advantage from them. Not only can improper placement make components less effective, it can make the system nearly useless! Security systems have many components such as motion sensors, environmental monitors, cameras and more. Trained professionals consider all of the elements of system placement such as the layout of the structure and criminal mindset.

Cheap is not Inexpensive
Like most things that start out as the “level 1” option, DIY home systems are not really the most economical choice in home security. Most DIY home security systems come with a set number of components, such as window sensors, with the expectation you WILL need more. Those extra components are usually expensive and add up quickly. Even once the system is finally in place there is the cost of replacing components should they break.

Warranty that Cover Little
Most DIY home security systems offer an extremely limited warranty. The components are very sensitive and so they do not assume the cost of replacement for long.

Limited Product Support
Usually, support is limited specifically to technology, not to security.

Limited Product Capabilities and Services
Home security companies offer additional services and product capabilities that DIY products cannot, such as battery backups, pet immune motion sensors, fire monitoring, or panic buttons.

Incompatibility Issues
The technologies used to support home security systems are constantly changing and needing product support. With professional systems these updates are never a problem to the end user, the consumer. With DYI systems, a simple computer system upgrade can make the entire system incompatible. Further, should technology advances make the system outmoded, the manufacturer of the DIY system may no longer provide any updates or support.

No Connection to Police
Your home alarm system is your lifeline. At least that is what most people intend and expect. One of the most important components of any home security system is the connection to emergency services such as fire or police, something DIYsystems do not offer

A DYI System is not the Same as Professional Systems
While a DIY security system can provide some of the same features of a professional system, it is important to realize that it is not a comparable substitute. DIY systems meet a few needs specific to the widest number of people possible. A professional system is designed to meet the very specific needs of your family and the home structure. The technologies used are often different and the capabilities of the systems vary dramatically.

If you are considering home security issues, consider the value of a quality system provided by a trusted home security company. JM Resources offers a wide range of affordable home security systems provides security solutions for clients in PA, NJ, DE and MD. Call us today for more information (800) 567-7177.

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